Welcome To
Grandma's Basement Studio

Grandma’s Basement Studio, a live stream gaming show. Currently, we are dungeon crawling in Demeo. The show was created by a couple of friends who wanted to get together and have some fun.

Soon our heroes started letting guests into their private games and it quickly grew into a popular event for gamers. This is where our brilliant heroes decided to create a website to host the events and share the experience with more people.

Featured Game Demeo

We love games at Grandma’s Basement Studio, cracking open a bottle, and having a good time gaming online. (Rated PG-13, We think.)

Currently, our focus is on building a show filled with laughter, joy, and a dungeon crawling through Demeo.

Meet Our Heroes

On our adventures, we encounter new friends and foes.
We casually battle goblins, warriors, wizards, and monsters from the Underdark.

"I came here to chew bubblegum and kick ass, but im all out of bubblegum". #grandmasbasementstudio

Join Our Heroes On Quests

We’re always hunting for new Heroes to join our quests. If you are interested in collaborating with us or showing your support feel free to contact us.