The Rules of Man
Don't Apply

After eons of traveling through dungeons and slaying hordes of monsters, our heroes have set a few rules to help other fellow adventurers have an edge.

We try to follow the “Rules of the Basement”.

These rules have saved their lives on multiple occasions and have given the team a superior advantage over their foes.

Have Rule Suggestions?

We love our fellow Heroes to offer rule suggestions. Some of the same rules in Grandma’s Basement are from fan suggestions. So, if you have a great rule to suggest, we’d love to hear it.

Featured Game Demeo

We love games at Grandma’s Basement Studio, cracking open a bottle, and having a good time gaming online. (Rated PG-13, We think.)

Currently, our focus is on building a show filled with laughter, joy, and a dungeon crawling through Demeo.